Habana Vieja

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cruceiro.jpgBack in Habana we are discovering the beautiful old town, full of stone buildings with arches galician style… and as we turn around this corner we come accross no less than a cruceiro! It’s an enchanting city at night, specially the route through the four main squares in Habana Vieja (Old Havana). Why is it written differently in English? Neka still wonders…



•7 March, 2007 • 1 Comment

Our boat has arrived… after chilling out in our first hotel in Cuba, consisting mainly of thinking of and eating as much as humanly possible of the free food, swimming with fishes hiding from pelicans (one of mo’s favorite animals) in the sea and generally lazing and realising how little of that we had done… We went out on a scuba trip. Unfortunately we didn’t manage to find Maria’s dirty pillows, but did settle for clear aqua marine waters next to the 1000 meter drop off. Mo goes for Maria’s pirate look.

Mo Travels

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moguapo.jpg Transport has arrived as a nice country stroll became tiredness and we’re nearing Maria La Gorda. the workers we were driving with were quite happy to go a little out of their way for the price of a couple of locally brewed bottles of ron. We drove through miles and miles of nature reserves that are apparently full of the smallest humming birds in the world, iguanas, snalls and 1000’s of birds. The beach and the clear blue sea await us. The sun is already here.


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oxen.jpgAnd it’s a morning stroll for the local oxen. Hi! : ) We got bored of waiting for a bus, and realising that there was a possibility one never coming we went for a trusted technique, walking and seeing if we could hitch a lift. The best decision ever. The Pinar country is amazing filled with animals, marshes and little thatched houses.

47 Years of Revolution

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47years-of-fighting.jpgOn the road, after spending the night in the house of a merciful soul who took pity on us stranded in the middle of the night, we did plenty of waiting for transport. The revolutionary messages on the post is an example of Cuban street advertising. There is no advertising of brands anywhere, not even on TV! but you see reminders of the Revolution around every corner.


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sunrise_pinardelrio.jpgIt is not only sunsets, but amazing sunrises that we are getting! Noam is here with us now and we’re travelling through Pinar del Rio, a province to the west of Habana. We’re heading to ‘Maria La Gorda’ named after the pirate woman who gave up her traid to put her feet up, opting for prostitution as her new proffesion.  there is a hotel on the westernmost tip, where apparently you can get a glimpse of her tits underwater!

Playas del Este

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sunset_este.jpgWhen staying in Habana, you can get the bus to the Playas del Este, a row of beaches frequented by locals and foreigners alike. You see your fair share of “jineterismo” going on, but also some beautiful sunsets catching fish in crystal clear waters. On the way, you go past an area called Guanabacoa, famous for being ripe with Santeria practice. However, other than the odd person dressed all in white, a few altars guessed through the windows as you walk past houses, oh! and a chicken killing we witnessed at the malecon on our first day, we haven’t gotten a glimpse of the action…